Thursday, February 24, 2011

A week of ups and downs!

Well this week has really been a week of ups and downs!  My daughter had a friend over on the weekend and they had heaps of fun making a softie toy each.  I found this great fabric from Saffron Craig with softie panels.  So they made up a koala each and I helped my son make the owl.  The girls did really well cutting out and then using the sewing machine (under my guidance of course!) and then stuffing their toys.   Here's a photo of my daughter's koala & the owl.
Cute aren't they!  I also managed to get a cover made for my daughter's reader.  I have been wanting to do this for the last couple of weeks but finally managed to get around to it and made it on Sunday afternoon.  The stitchery is from Cinderberry Stitches and is a new pattern (which is free from the Lecien website - just click here) called Woodland faeries.  It's just one of the faeries from the pattern - there are another 4. 

I used a tutorial from Moda Bake Shop called 'Charming Book Cover' to make the cover - they have heaps of great tutorials there. Then I had big intentions of working on one of my designs this week but by daughter picked up a cold/flu thing from school and has been home running really high temperatures for the last few days.  So instead I have been building Lego with her at times when she has felt up to it.  So together we have been making this instead!
This photo didn't include the lovely lego three storey house we had built as my son had used his ninga lego man to bash it down before I took the photo!

Until next time, happy sewing everyone!


  1. I'll bet the girls and your son just loved those softies, even more special because they made them or helped make them. And the book cover is adorable.

  2. Jody the kids have done a wonderful job of making the softies,good on them.
    I had to have a chuckle about the 3 storey house though.
    cheers shez

  3. Hi Jody, Hope the girl feels better soon! And what wonderful softies,too. *grin*. I saw a Leggo set made by another boy, and I couldn't believe the "technology". It sure has all changed. Have a great weekend. Tell Tiger "Hi" for me. *smile*

  4. Great looking softies!
    Hope your daughter is feeling much better today ... leggo town looks fun.