Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday's Show & Tell

I'm joining Sandy from Cookies & Cream Craft for her Monday's Show & Tell.  My show & tell is very special as it was made by my 6 year old daughter! 
She asked me a few days ago if she could get her sewing machine out (she has a small Elna sewing machine that was very kindly donated to her from my mum recently) to make a doll. 

So I hunted around for a simple doll pattern that I thought she would be able to make.  I saw a doll at our local market in town yesterday and thought - yes, that pattern would be perfect.  It was the Mae doll pattern from Bit of Whimsy Dolls.  I downloaded the pattern and we made it up today.  My daughter was able to follow the instructions with me as they all had photos (its' printed like a tutorial) and she could quite easily sew it up and stuff it as it uses very simple lines and shapes.  Just perfect for the younger sewer or beginner. 

I would highly recommend her patterns to anyone wishing to encourage their kids to sew.  She was thrilled by her acheivement and I loved helping her make it. 

Well done Samantha! 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Softies for Queensland

Meet Archie.  He's a superhero frog that's on his way to Queensland to try and turn a little frown upside down.  He's one of the softies I sent to Stephanie as part of her Softie drive 'Hope Softies' for kids affected by the Queensland Floods.  She lives near one of the releif centres there and is going to deliver all the softies she receives to kids that have been affected by these devastating floods in Queensland.  He's very cute and has been designed by the talented Jodie Carleton from Ric Rac.  He is part of her Izzy & Archie pattern and both my kids just loved him - so I'm sure a little boy or girl up there will love him too.  Safe travels Archie and go and be the true superhero you are and make someone smile!


Friday Night Sew In

Thanks to Heidi & Bobbi for organising their Friday Night Sew In again.  I had big plans to get some serious sewing done but unfortuantly the kids decided to stay up late and I had trouble getting my 4 year old to stay in bed.  I think he finally got to sleep at 10:30pm!  Anyway, I managed to get out my 'Woodland Magic' pattern from Natalie Ross and made a start at least.  I got the quilt top pieced and sewn together and now I have the applique to start on.  I am changing this design a little, as I plan to have it cover a canvas I have had sitting in the cupboard for a while and then hang it up on the wall.  So instead of being perfectly square mine will be rectangular and the tree applique will be altered slightly to fit.  But so far I am happy with the fabric and layout.  Here it is so far justed pinned onto the canvas to give me an idea of how it will sit.  


Friday, January 14, 2011

Queensland Flood Relief Appeal

Toni from 'Make it Perfect' has organised Flood Relief Appeal Auctions that will be running on various blogs, facebook and websites running for 1 week,  beginning Monday the 17th of January until Monday the 24th of January.  All money raised at these Auctions will go to the Queensland Government Flood Relief Appeal.  She will have an AUCTION MASTER LIST of all the Auctions on her site this Sunday - so support this appeal and check out her site for more information.  Sandy from Cookies & Cream Craft is running some great Auctions for this appeal on her site - and I have also put in a couple of items for one of her auctions too.  Queenslanders need our help - so please dig deep and help them out. 
These couple of guys I made - Hooty & Tweet - a Melly & Me design, will be in one of Sandy's Auctions.

Stay safe, and happy sewing!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Marina the Mermaid

Drum roll please!  Here it is - my very first pattern!!!! Introducing 'Marina the Mermaid'.  She was inspired by my 6 year old daughter - who loves mermaids.  Marina is approx. 15" tall (or 38cm) and has been designed to be a child's toy - to by played with and cuddled.  Her clothes, top & skirt, are completely reversible and are fastened with thin strips of Velcro - making it easy for a child to take them on and off.   She is wearing a little starfish necklace and her hair is made from wool with highlights throughout. I hope you like her!  The pattern will be available next week from Cookies & Cream Craft and also from my local patchwork shop Riviera Patchwork.  A very big Thank you to Sandy, from Cookies& Cream Craft for testing the pattern for me and giving me valuable feedback and encouragement.  Sandy is also running a give-away on her blog with this pattern as the prize, so please pop on over HERE and enter for the chance to win!  Also a very big Thank you to my husband and kids for supporting, encouraging me and putting up with me during the designing & pattern writing stages and helping me get this all off the ground!

And here's the pattern cover! 

Happy sewing!


Thursday, January 6, 2011

UFO Thursday

I decided to try and re-organise my sewing cupboard today!  What a job!  I had fabric from one end of the room to the other - but eventually I managed to get it all sorted and folded into three hobby boxes and back into the cupboard.  In the process I managed to dig up a few UFO's.  So I thought if I posted them here and join in with Sandy's UFO Thursday, it would inspire me to finish them!  I have cut out an overnight bag - by Melly & Me, cut out a skirt by Amy Butler, need to finish quilting a cushion top by'Don't look now!', complete a fabric bucket by Janelle Wind, and finish a cute little stitchery bag by Rosalie Quinlan.  I normally like to have a few different projects like these on the go just so I can take a break from one and work on something different for a while.  So I hope to get these finished soon and I'll post the photos of them once complete. 
Happy sewing everyone, 
ps. Do you like the new logo?