Saturday, January 26, 2013

Babuska Doll

The lovely Anita passed on this link to me for a free pattern and tutorial to make a Babushka doll.  Just click HERE to go to a blog called Sew, Cook, Laugh & Live for the pattern and tutorial.  I made this for my daughter's friend as part of her birthday present a couple of weeks ago.  It's a very simple pattern and is great to use up some fabric/ribbon/trimming scraps from your stash - and I certainly have ALOT of those! 

Also - an update on the 'Chick-sicle' on my last post - it works REALLY WELL!  I have started doing Family Day Care over the last couple of months and the children in my care have used it and also my own kids have used this very 'Cool Chick'.  It gets the thumbs up from them - as it is cool and soft on their bumps & bruises and comforting to hold and cuddle.  So a great idea - thanks to Suzanne for her free pattern and tutorial.
Happy Sewing everyone!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Friday Night with Friends

Cheryll over at Gone Stitchin' hosted 'Friday Night with Friends' last night so I thought I would join in. 

I made this 'Chick-sicle' which is a rice filled cooling pad for children.  I thought this was a great idea.  You keep these in the freezer and the frozen rice inside the chick-sicle can be used in place of a ice  pack for children.  I'm sure they would much rather use this to help soothe a bump or bruise as it's cute and fun and alot more appealing to a child than a boring old ice pack.  I'll let you know how successful it is if and when I need to get it out of the freezer!  I found this tutorial and pattern over at  You can go to her Etsy store to purchase the pattern - it's only $5.00 and I think well worth it.  (Note : this used to be free tutorial - but it has now changed to be a downloadable pattern)
Happy sewing!