Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday's Show & Tell

I'm joining Sandy from Cookies & Cream Craft for her Monday's Show & Tell.  My show & tell is very special as it was made by my 6 year old daughter! 
She asked me a few days ago if she could get her sewing machine out (she has a small Elna sewing machine that was very kindly donated to her from my mum recently) to make a doll. 

So I hunted around for a simple doll pattern that I thought she would be able to make.  I saw a doll at our local market in town yesterday and thought - yes, that pattern would be perfect.  It was the Mae doll pattern from Bit of Whimsy Dolls.  I downloaded the pattern and we made it up today.  My daughter was able to follow the instructions with me as they all had photos (its' printed like a tutorial) and she could quite easily sew it up and stuff it as it uses very simple lines and shapes.  Just perfect for the younger sewer or beginner. 

I would highly recommend her patterns to anyone wishing to encourage their kids to sew.  She was thrilled by her acheivement and I loved helping her make it. 

Well done Samantha! 


  1. Yes, well done Samantha! You've done an excellent job *grin*. I bet you will be able to do the next one all by yourself. Looks like you have your Mum's talent! Thanks for sharing, and I hope to see many more creations.

  2. Samantha what a wonderful job you have done on your doll. You should be very proud of yourself as i no mum is proud of you. Congratulations can not wait to see what you make next.
    Big Big sewing hugs