Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Drafty - the Door Sausage Dog

So here it is!  My new design - 'Drafty' the Door Sausage Dog.  He's practical and cute.  Just pop him against any door and he'll stop all those pesky drafts! 

I used corduroy and cotton fabrics and he's filled with plastic stuffing pellets and fibrefill, but you could also use rice.  This keeps him where you want him and you can mould him up against the door to make sure those drafts stay away.  You can also make him to suit any door size - so the pattern allows you to shorten or lengthen him as you like. 

This pattern has been in the back of my mind for a while now, as since we moved into our house we built on our place 2 years ago, I have needed a door sausage for my front door.  I never like the idea of attaching a weatherstrip to the bottom of the door, although I did look at several different kinds.  So I have wanted to make one but decided I wanted something a bit different to your traditional door sausage, that would look cute too, and also serve the purpose of keeping out the drafts.  So meet Drafty!  He will now take pride of place in the hallway against my front door.  I'll be writing the pattern in the next few days - so it should be available by the end of next week.  And for those cat people out there - I've haven't forgotten you - there is a cat version that I'm working on at the moment too.  So keep watching and I'll hopefully have it ready for you soon!

And here's the pattern cover.  It will be available online from  'Cookies & Cream Craft' or from my local patchwork shop 'Riviera Patchwork'

For those of you that saw my previous post - can you see which fabric I have used from the Bumble Bub quilt?  Leave a comment with the answer (hint: bee) and I will draw a random winner on Wednesday next week and you will receive a copy of this new pattern in the mail!  Good luck!



  1. Oh! how cute is DrAfTy ! and a very useful fellow too! Well done and all the best for sales.
    The answer is "Bee" and it looks great on him!

  2. Oh how cute is he Jody well done and all the best,the answer is bee.
    cheers shez

  3. Oh he's adorable!
    I'll be keeping my eye out for the cat version.

  4. Hi Jody, Drafty is so cute, I love his spotty ears.

  5. Oh he's gorgeous! I'm going to have to buy a pattern! toni xxx

  6. he is just precious Jody - you have done such a fantastic job!! You have me addicted - I will be adding Drafty and the kitty version to my collection. Oh - not sure but I'm guessing the answer is "bee"!?