Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Springtime Melody

This is something I made last week.  It's called 'Springtime Melody' by Natalie Ross.  This is one of her new small pattern ranges and so is half the price of a normal pattern too. 

I thought this cute little bag would be perfect for my daughter's friend's 7th birthday.  My daughter helped pick out the pattern and the fabric for it.  It has a cute little bird stitchery which I did while the kids did swimming lessons last week, and I made the bag up in an afternoon.  Would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to make a cute little gift for someone of any age. 

It's Friday Night Sew In again this Friday too.  So join in this 'Sew In' with us and work on some of those projects you've been wanting to finish off!  'See' you there!

Happy Sewing!

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