Monday, January 23, 2012

A+ Skirt

I finally made myself a skirt using a 'Make it Perfect'  A+ Skirt pattern that I'd had sitting in my sewing cupboard for months.  I also had the material sitting there waiting for all that time too - but had always had other projects that needed to be done first.  Anyway - I finally got around to making it - and I just love it!  The pattern was fantastic - easy to follow and easy to make.  The skirt is very comfy to wear and fits perfectly too. (Sorry - didn't get around to taking photos of it!)   So I decided to make up another one for my daughter.  She picked out this cute apple print fabric from my local patchwork shop (Riviera Patchwork)and I made it up for her today.  We had a little fun doing a fashion shoot once I finished it.

I didn't have to adjust the pattern very much as it goes from a 3x small size to 2x large size (8 sizes in total).  So I just made her the 3x small size and took a little off the length.  She loves it and so do I.  Will defiantly make us both more of these skirts and they can be made up in an afternoon too. 
I also made another library bag this morning for my friends daughter.  She is also starting school with my son this year and so now she has a pretty library bag to take to school with her.
Happy sewing!

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  1. what a wonderful little model you have there Jody and her skirt is so pretty,she is lucky she has a clever mum.xx