Wednesday, April 27, 2011

School Holidays and our Easter Break

School went back today much to the disappointment of my daughter.  I think she just had way too much fun over the school holidays.  Well, it was her Birthday for a start, and a party at the park (and lots of prezzies) and then several days of playing with all her new things. 

She got some great presents with lots of crafty things for her to do.  One of them was a pattern and material to make 'Bitty Bug' which is another Bit of Whimsy Dolls design.  Again this was a simple pattern and Samantha just loved deciding what fabric she wanted where.  After I pieced the fabric together for her she did everything else herself and just left me to hand stitch the last bit closed and stitch the face for her.  So she was very pleased that she could do this all herself and she loves the results. 

Here's her 'baby' as she now calls it!

We also managed to see the movie 'Rio' with a couple of her friends and then we also had a lovely day at the beach with her Mama & Papa too.  I just love the beach and so do the kids.  Luckily it's only half an hour from home. 
Our Easter was fun with lots of chocolate Easter eggs and hot cross buns.  The kids and I actually made our own hot cross buns this year too.  Nan & Pa also came up from Melbourne to have a 'sleepover' for 2 nights Easter Sunday and Monday which the kids thought was just fantastic.  

I did get a little bit of sewing done - I made a Little Ninga (Melly & Me design) while Samantha was making her Bitty Bug.  My son also helped to stuff him.  These are so gorgeous and suit boys of all ages.  My son ended up claiming this one and now takes it to bed with him every night!
I have got a few other things to show you but you'll have to wait until my next post as this one is getting a bit long! 
Until next time, happy sewing everyone!

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  1. glad you and your family had a great break Jody,love the softies