Friday, April 15, 2011

Guess who just turned 7?

My daughter turned 7 this week - can you believe it!  Where has the time gone!  Here she is wearing the mermaid top I made for her and jewellery that her friends gave her for her birthday.  Looking very grown up - isn't she! 
And here she is modeling the hat I made for her too.  It's the same pattern I used for my sons hat the 'Lazy day hat' by Make it Perfect.
We had a lovely party for her at the park with all her friends and luckily the weather held out for us.  They had a great time running around playing tiggy, playing on the equipment and blowing bubbles, and of course eating birthday cake!  Here they are at the park just before her friends arrived.
We then had a lovely night out with the family at the local RSL club where they have a great playroom for the kids.  They played in there most of the night with some other kids that they made friends with.  She had such a great day and loved every minute of it, it makes me want to be 7 again too! 



  1. she does look so grownup wearing her lovely jewellry and love her mermaid top it looks great on her,glad she had a great day,happy birthday

  2. Oh please makes sure you wish the princess a very HaPPy BiRtHdAy! from me!

  3. Surprisingly enough I actually remember my 7th birthday party too and had the best time - I think it was the best party ever (mind you I'm only a couple of months off 40 - EEEK). So glad Samantha had a great birthday - and that she got great prezzies too...