Saturday, July 2, 2011

Local Farmer's Market....

I love going to our local Farmer's Market and buying all the fresh local produce.  It's on once a month and I took the kids along this morning and we picked up some lovely fresh fruit and vegies. 

We also bought some yummy yo-yo biscuits and had a sausage in bread and I had coffee while we were there.  The sun was shining and it was a lovely morning out.  A great start to the school holidays.  We've got alot planned these holiday - visiting Melbourne, sleepovers for the kids at their grandparents, going to the movies and catching up with friends.  I also plan to do some craft projects with the kids and they're also going to help me get a craft project ready for the Prep/Grade 1's for when Term 3 goes back.  So it should be a fun school holiday break.  What are you up to for school holidays?

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  1. i love farmers Markets also Jody,have fun with the kiddies