Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Curious Cat

This is the cat I made from the 'Stuffed Animals' book by Abigail Glassenberg.  I think she turned out quite sweet.  I made her completely from faux fur fabric - which is something I haven't used much before - certainly not for a complete softie.  Abby gives us lots of tips about using faux fur in this book so this definitely helped me.  This pattern also used an underbody gusset piece and a head gusset to give it it's shape and Abby has lessons about this in the book too.  

My cat was quite curious about this cat I had made and so came over to check her out while I was taking photos.  I don't think she knew quite what to make of it - was it real or not?  

Abby has also included lessons in the book about designing a muzzle and making a sitting animal - like this cat.  She also talks about using safety eyes (which I used on the cat) and also using eyes with looped backs too.  All very helpful. 
As you can probably tell I am really getting a lot out of this book and love trying out the techniques that Abby teaches us in each lesson.  The cat really didn't take that long to make at all and although I was unfamiliar with using the faux fur I got the hang of it and now feel confident using it.  Thanks Abby for making this wonderful book and teaching us all these tips and techniques. 
Happy Sewing!


  1. how cute is your cats Jody both real and stuffed,lol.
    Looks like you are getting a lot out of this book Jody and i had a pr of those scissors you were talking about for turning things inside out and they worked a treat so thankyou for that tip.xx

  2. First of all Jody - the sewn kitty is just gorgeous. Secondly - IS THAT MITTENS?? My goodness she is a beautiful girl - she looks lovely and cuddly and well loved too. She has grown so much!!

  3. Cute, cute, cute! I love that you are making so many projects from the book! i am beginning to wonder - have you a goal of making them all? Which would be very cool indeed!

  4. You've made me want to go back and make more cats!! I love your fabric choice here. So precious.