Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Two Birthday's, a frog and a lovey dovey!

Both my little man and my bigger man celebrated their birthday's yesterday.  It was nice as the kids had a curriculum day off school on Monday and today was Melbourne Cup Day holiday so we were all able to spend the last two days home together.  They both seemed to have a really great birthday filled with lots of presents and yummy food and just relaxing at home.  We all had a wonderful time.  For my little man Lego was a big hit in the present department as well as games for the Wii and a DS.  He and I have spent the last two days building his lego sets and it has been great quality time spent together.    Having my bigger man around always makes me happy and it has been great for him to spend some family time with us.  I love these times of the year!  Here they are about to blow out the candles on their cake.

I managed to find some time to make my little man a present for his birthday.  This is Archie (a Ric Rac design) or as my son and I call him - the Super Hero frog!  I have made this design a few times before and each time my son has wanted one for himself - so I am very pleased I was able to make him his own Super Hero frog.

I also managed to finish off this sweet little babies toy - a Lovey Dovey.  This is a cute little cat face that is attached to a blankie body and is made from polar fleece so nice and soft and cuddly - just right for a little one.  This design is by Abby Glassenberg and you can download the pattern from her Etsy store.  It comes is four animal designs - a rabbit, dog, cat and bear.  I love this pattern. Both my kids have a teddy/blankie toy which they have had since birth - I only wish that I had been able to make this for them back then!         
Have a lovey day and happy sewing everyone!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Bruce and Max - hope you were both spoilt and had a great day. Jody - I always love seeing what you sew - I love the baby soft toy/blankie - I never thought of making anything like that - great idea.

  2. Hi Jody,
    I love your yellow kitty Lovey Dovey!! You did such a great job. This color is so cheerful. Yay! Thank you!