Monday, September 5, 2011

Having fun enjoying life!

Life has been very busy but enjoyable in the last few weeks.  The sewing machine is feeling a little neglected but our little family has been having a great time together.  The only sewing I've managed to do was to make another hat for Max - another lazy days hat by Make it Perfect.  Here he is trying to be cross with me but giggling instead while I took his photo. 

And here he is again posing for me! 

He's such a character and makes me smile and laugh all the time.  I can't believe he'll be going to school next year! 

We've had dress up days at school and kinder.  Max went as a Ninga (one of his favourite things at the moment!) and Samantha went as Felicity - from the books Felicity Wishes (as dress up day was the end of book week at school). 

Don't you just love dress ups!  I know I do and the kids have so much fun pretending to be some character and making up stories. 
We also had my mum's birthday last week so Max and I baked her a yummy chocolate cake and she and dad came over for a nice roast dinner to celebrate.  Birthdays are great fun!

Of course it was also father's day on Sunday - Happy Father's day to all the dad's out there!   I helped the kids make up a father's day booklet each, with photo's I'd printed out and questions for them to answer about their dad.  Some of their answer's were just gorgeous and it was very well received and loved when they gave it to him on Sunday.  We had a lovely father's day just being home together and kicking the ball around and enjoying the sunshine.  
We also picked up the first 4 poddy calves this weekend so we have been busy setting up the shed for them and now feeding them twice a day.  Samantha has taken a real interest in them this year and has been more hands on and not as afraid of them as she has been in the past.
So it has been a very busy few weeks - but a fun few weeks too.  The sewing machine is calling me and I am missing my sewing - so I do hope to get back to it very soon.  I will also be going to Melbourne for 'Urban Stitches' on the 18th of this month - so I am really looking forward to that.  It should be great fun.
Until next time - happy sewing everyone!

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  1. great post Jody and how precious spending time with family,cant wait to see what you sew next,hae a great week