Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Some insight into the creative process...

YES!  Have just managed to finally get part of my softie to work!  Sometimes the design process can be challenging and frustrating and then all of a sudden it all comes together.  I have been working on a design for the last 3 days and after several failed attempts I have finally overcome that hurdle and it now looks exactly the way I wanted it too!  So I thought I'd share this with you as I am just so excited that it has finally come together.  The trick this time was to leave it alone and concentrate of something else for 24 hours before I attempted looking at it again.  With softies I have found that sometimes what you draw on paper is hard to turn into a 3D stuffed object.  There are a number of things to consider and sometimes the stuffing process can change the shape to something you weren't expecting.  I normally have an idea of the finished product in my head and then I sketch out what I want it to look like.  I then draw the pattern and then start cutting out fabric and sewing it together - making changes as I go.  Sometimes these softies evolve over 3 or 4 fully completed softies until I am 100% happy and sometimes they come together the first time .  This one has taken several of these attempts but now I am finally happy!  Now on to writing the pattern!   Hope you don't mind me sharing my creative process with you!

Also it's Friday Night Sew In this Friday so click on this link HERE to sign up!  It's a fun way to work on some of your unfinished projects knowing that there are quite a few of us sitting down at the same time and working on our projects too!  So come on join in! 
Happy sewing everyone!


  1. glad to hear that its all come together for you Jody,well done,looking forward to seeing your friday night project

  2. Glad to hear that the time away from it all has helped Jody, told you that you would get it right. Can't wait to see the finished product......