Saturday, December 18, 2010

Friday Night Sew In

I thought I would participate in the 'Friday Night Sew In' - you may have seen the link on the side of this page. Well - I have quite a few unfininished projects on the go - and one of them was a present for the kids for Christmas. It is Mr & Mrs Nibbles - a Rosalie Quinlan Design that she featured in Homespun Magazine last month and this month. I wanted to make the kids the house (bag) and also the Nibbles children - but I am fast running out of time before Christmas. Also it has been hard to make them in secret - so I can only work on them once the kids have gone to bed. So I sat down last night, got out the sewing machine and spent the night putting these two together. They aren't quite finished - I still have to hand stitch the ears on and then satin stitch the eyes and nose, but I'm very happy with how much I acheived for the night.



  1. Hi Jody, What a lovely couple! Mrs Nibbles dress fabric looks familiar...Sweet Broderie? You reminded me that FNSI was suppose to be UFOs. I started two new projects! Oh, well, I got into the spirit of sewing *grin*. Have a great evening, Jody.

  2. Hi Jody - I just found your blog through FNSI. Love your little mice they are cuties. My own FNSI efforts were so pitiful I haven't even posted yet! Your blog is lovely, wish I'd found you a few weeks ago, the birds you made are gorgeous, but I think I've run out of time to do any of them for Christmas now! Thanks for sharing your design. Nicky/Farm Girl