Sunday, November 28, 2010

Rudy the Reindeer!

Here is Rudy the red nosed Reindeer! My daughter made this for her teacher - isn't she clever! She chose the fabric, traced the pattern onto the fabric and used my sewing machine to sew the body and legs. She also stuffed them. I finished it off for her by doing the antlers, ears and eyes and attaching the legs. I think she has done a wonderful job (especially for a 6 year old!)- and she really enjoyed making this. I loved helping her too! I'm sure her teacher is just going to love it!
Here is a picture of her and Rudy the Reindeer.
The pattern is a Melly & Me design called 'Rudy'. I am also making up another couple of these as presents for other teachers too.
How is all your Christmas sewing going?


  1. Hi Jody! Hope you had a good weekend. (I'm still waiting for the postman to visit me to deliver my stock!) I absolutely love Rudy! Just too cute! You do lovely work. Have an absolutely wonderful week, Jody!! PS: Could you please add "Craft" to my link over there on the right? *grin*.

  2. Bravo, it is magnificent, very successful!

  3. I really want to make this. Is the pattern free?