Monday, September 6, 2010

Little Cottage Fabric Buckets

Today I have just completed one of Janelle Wind's Little Cottage Fabric Buckets from her book 'Pieces of Me'. I loved the colours she used so tried to use very similar ones on my version - and I really love the results.

I also made another (yes another one!) of her mobile phone pouches for another friend of mine who really wanted one!

You may have also noticed a link on the right hand side of this page to 'The Great Global Christmas Swap'. If you click on this link you can read what this is all about but basically is about making contact with another stitcher from another country, who shares your passion for this craft, and exchanging a small gift.
You get to choose from 3 free patterns to stitch a gift bag for your partner and then send it to them for Christmas! I think this is a great idea and signed up and have already had contact with my partner - Betty, from France! It has been wonderful to hear about her and where she lives, and I am looking forward to making up one of the gift bags to send her for Christmas.
It is not too late to sign up - so if you like, just follow the link and be part of this wonderful swap!



  1. Hi JODY, I adore the two things you have made from the book PIECES OF ME. I think I will buy these book too.

  2. WOW Jodi, what a wonderful surprise to pop over here and see your gorgeous creations. You have done a beautiful job, they look gorgeous! You have made my day, thank you xx Janelle